• About Us

    Robert B. Doyle, Ph.D., BCIA-C Senior Fellow

    Licensed Psychologist

    Clinical Health Psychologist and Director of Clinical Services 

    Senior Fellow, Biofeedback Certification International Alliance 

    National Certified Professional Qualification (CPQ) 

    National Register for Healthcare Providers in Psychology 


    Insurances:  Takes most insurance.  No adult Medicaid

    Practice areas include:

    · Business consultation for growth and development, personnel selection, conflict resolution, executive and personal coaching 

    · Chronic pain evaluations: pre-surgical, pre-implant, disability, and workers compensation

    · Bio-behavioral treatment of chronic pain, neuromuscular pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, and gastrointestinal disorders

    · Cognitive behavioral evaluation and treatment of anxiety, phobias, PTSD and mood disorders 

    · Behavioral treatment for sleep disorders.

    · Law enforcement and other public safety officer fit for duty evaluations and critical incident debriefing

    · Services limited to adults and older adults

    Gisele Graves, Ph.D

    Licensed Psychological Examiner

    Insurances:  QualChoice, Blue Cross Blue Shield No Adult Medicaid

    Dr. Graves has over 25 years experience providing psychological services to women using evidence-based, cognitive behavioral treatment strategies. She earned a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Health Psychology and has been a licensed mental health practitioner in Arkansas since 1979.

    Areas of Specialization

     Adult ADHD

     Anger

     Grief Issues

     Chronic Pain

     Anxiety and Panic Disorder

     Depression

     Stress Related Health Issues


    Goals of treatment are developed collaberatively between the client and Dr. Graves. Some of the desired outcomes which have been identified by women seeking treatment have included:

     developing and maintaining a positive self-image and developing a sense of self competency

     learning more effective ways of communicating and resolving interpersonal conflicts with co-workers, family members, "significant others"

     setting boundaries in relationships with others

     learning to take better psychological care of the self to avoid burnout from meeting others needs

     managing the stress of elder care giving

     balancing roles of wife, parent, and career professional

     managing stressful life events which are often unavoidable such as loss of a parent, loss of a spouse, dissolution of a marriage, empty nest syndrome, relocation due to job change, marital conflicts, parenting children and adolescents, loss of a job, menopause

     managing adult ADHD symptoms which may be impacting roles as a parent, spouse, or employee

     dealing with the onset of a medical condition which may require changes in lifestyle in terms of diet, exercise, medication compliance and activities of daily living.

     learning behavioral strategies for managing emotional states such as anxiety, panic disorder, depression, and anger.

    Edward C. Kleitsch, Ph.D

    Licensed Clinical Psychologist

    Certified Consultant in Clinical Hypnosis 

    National Certified Professional Qualification 

    National Register for Healthcare Providers in Psychology 


    Insurance:  Takes most insurance.  No adult Medicaid or Tricare

    · Neuropsychological assessment

    · Assessment and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders (including posttraumatic stress) 

    · Psychological assessment and treatment of chronic pain

    · Assessment and treatment of habit disorders (smoking, obesity, etc.)

    · Marriage, family, and relationship therapies for adults **Most insurances will not cover**

    · Behavioral Health services for acute and chronic medical diseases

    · Sexual dysfunction evaluation and treatment

    Gary T. Souheaver, Ph.D., ABPP

     Board Certified Clinical Neuropsychologist Director, Neuropsychology Clinic Licensed Arkansas Psychologist

     Practice Areas Include:

     Ψ Neuropsychological evaluations for adults in forensic cases of head injury


    Ψ Neuropsychological evaluations and assessments of adults with brain disorders,  including stroke, epilepsy, tumor, and trauma 

    Ψ Pre-surgical WADA neuropsychological evaluations